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  Sometimes referred to as keyword buys, OnTech employs over 4 years experience using pay-per-click tools used to focus specific keyword traffic to your website. Pay-Per-Click can be a great addition to an effective Internet marketing strategy. It is important to have a good strategy before beginning a keyword buying program.

  One strategy is using www.overture.com. How it works is that Overture is partnered with Yahoo and MSN. You bid for a keyword or keyword phrase. One of OnTech's clients has been using this strategy for about 5 years. Example; The client pays about $0.25 each time someone clicks on "their keyword" in Yahoo, MSN or Overture. They are listed in the "sponsored" headings in Yahoo. The disadvantage is that only 15% of searches click on the sponsored headings.

  Since Google gets about 35% to 40% of all Internet searches, bidding
with Overture only reaches 60% to 65% of the all searches. So, the
strategy is only reaching 15% of the 65% of searches, which is about 8%-9% of the total searches on the Internet.

  OnTech's client, bids on about 20 keywords/phrases. Recently when we looked at their statistics, it showed that their pay-per-click strategy had 35 impressions. What this means is that their sponsored listing showed up 35 times in one day and they had ZERO clicks. Every person clicked on the organically ranked companies.

  In a few examples, we've some seen clients bidding on keywords that have absolutely no traffic! So why bid on a keyword that isn't searched? Why not, it costs you nothing.

  In another example, we saw a client bid on a keyword that is so specific, that Ontech simply optimized the site's content based on those specific keywords. The keyword was searched for 68 times in one month. Remember though that this client receives only 15% of the traffic, additionally they are only listed in Yahoo, MSN and Overture, not Google.

  They will begin to understand that much of the pay-per-click traffic is unqualified. They are better served driving quality traffic to their site, a good content rich optimized site. Importantly they need to track and measure their site, they will convert this traffic to sales.

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